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About the Project

The Inspiration

"Fragile" paints ten musical portraits of grief without losing sight of our hopes and longings. The songs reflect not only Jen's journey through the grieving process, but also the unique stories of her friends, family members and neighbors who have also gone through their own difficult losses.

About two years ago, Jen’s father’s health began declining from a rare blood disease. In December 2022, he passed away at age 86. Even before his passing, Jen began the grieving process, knowing that one day he would say goodbye to this earthly journey.

Stories Behind the Songs

Every song starts with a story. And, good songs create space for the listeners' stories as well. Over the next several months, you can join Jen here as she shares the stories behind her songs.




The Moment





Sorrow For A Friend


Miss You More


Sic Vita


Words and Songs

Fragile Credits

Produced, recorded and mixed by Matt Williams in collaboration with Jen & Dave Hawley in Germantown, MD.


This ten song project features Jen Hawley (songwriter, vocals, piano, banjo, trumpet, synth), Dave Hawley (guitars, organ, piano, wurlitzer, ukulele, banjo, glockenspiel), Matt Williams (bass, drums, percussion, whistle, bass harmonica), Steve Widenhofer (drums, percussion), Katrina Hawley (cello: Sorrow For A Friend), Robin Huang (violin: Sorrow For A Friend), Jackie Su (viola: Sorrow For A Friend), Jeremie Hamilton (violin: Sic Vita).

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